The Effects of Kettlebell Training on Your Body

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The Effects of Kettlebell Training on Your Body
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If we go into the history of kettlebells, they were used as early as 300 years ago by Russian strongmen. This proves that if they were being used 3 centuries ago and are still around, they are bound to bring desirable effects to your body.

They have proven themselves to be one of the best training methods due to their ability to improve bodily strength, burn fats and calories, increase endurance and balance in the body, and boost the power of your core.

It has done wonders for people with a live example being that of trainer Tracy Reifkind, who lost 120 pounds owing to kettlebell training. She came down to size 6 from size 24 and attributed her success to her devotion towards the use of kettlebell in her workouts.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should opt for a kettlebell training regime and make it a part of your routine.

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Strengthening All the Muscles of the Body

One of the best things about kettlebell training is that it involves all the muscles of the body. Such compound, whole-body movements are ideal and far more superior to the machines which isolate muscles to bring about strength, muscle toning, and body composition. It also makes the joints and tendons tougher and less vulnerable to different kinds of injuries.

Improving the Posture

When you use so many muscles together, your core will stay engaged and stabilize all the movements of the body. It is essential to maintain a good form while carrying out kettlebell workouts and if you feel that it is being compromised, it is better to stop and rest for a while.

The most important thing to remember is to stay as straight as possible even unconsciously as if you are wearing a corset. The body generates signals telling you that need to let go of the kettlebell and rest for a while. These signals include the inability to hold the kettlebell securely or shaking of the arms when it is in an overhead position.

Increased Burning of Calories and Fats

As compared to cardio and other exercises, you will be able to burn the calories and excessive fats in your body quickly. First, throwing the weight around comes with a high metabolic cost and second, this strength training workout creates dense mass muscles. This burns all the stored calories and fats by increasing your resting metabolism.

In addition to all this, it stimulates human growth hormone which accelerates the fat burning process. This workout regime is one of the best ways to lose weight while providing you ample strength and a leaner body look.

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Relieving Injuries

A study was conducted in Scandinavia which revealed that participants who exercised with kettlebells three times a week were likely to improve the strength of their back. It was also found that the intensity of the pain in shoulders, neck, and the lower back was reduced in them as compared to the people who didn’t use any kettlebells.

The design handle of a kettlebell mirrors the objects we use in daily life, for example, backpacks, shopping carts, doors etc. When you train with a kettlebell, the motions are carried over to these objects, making it an ideal way of restoring the functions and mechanics of the body.

Enhance Your Mental Focus

Kettlebell training is not about picking it up aimlessly and throwing it around. It is suitable for people who are vigilant while working out and keep their brains active as they burn calories. At each and every moment, the lifter must be focused on their movement and the results will improve their mental focus and coordination.

Correction of Imbalances

This training helps in revealing the weak spots and misalignments of your body. The center of the kettlebells is off-center below the handle and this challenges your coordination and motor control. With the help of kettlebell exercises, all your weaknesses and misalignments are revealed and it helps in building the stability of your body.


While some people may complain of back pain and fatigue after a rigorous workout, kettlebell training comes with a number of advantages for your body. It improves your physical and mental strength while boosting your self-confidence.

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