Titan Fitness 10-40 lbs. Adjustable Kettlebell Review

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Titan Fitness 10-40 lbs. Adjustable Kettlebell Review
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Titan Fitness 10-40 lbs. Adjustable Kettlebell: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Coming with a wide range of weights
  • Easy to use mechanism and the weights can be adjusted without any trouble
  • The handle is long and easy to grip

What We Don't Like

  • There is no labeling on the plates
  • Excessive use might result in bruising of the hand

An adjustable kettlebell will always remain a blessing for the gym enthusiasts as it allows them to attain a complete body workout within 20 minutes. Customization has become the new game in any kind of workout, in which you allow your body to carry out explosive exercises to tone your major muscles, burn excessive body fat, and build enough body power.

The Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell allows you to remove and add weights as per your own preference or needs, and easily shifts from 5 lbs. up to 40 lbs. by following a simple lock mechanism. It allows you to optimize your workout by using the correct weights.

Titan Fitness 10-40 lbs. Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Titan Fitness 10-40 lb Adjustable Kettlebell Weight Lifting Swing Workout

When we refer to Titan Fitness 10-40 lbs. Adjustable Kettlebell, we are talking about the kind of kettlebells which are versatile and can easily replace 13 different kettlebells. The quality of the build can easily be compared to solid manufacturers like Kettlebell Kings and Ironmasters.

It is a very reasonably priced kettlebell considering that you are getting solid tools to achieve your fitness goals by only paying something around $100. It saves you from investing in multiple kettlebells by providing a wide weight range, and it has a very durable finish, intended to last for years of tough use.

Who is this product for?

From beginners to intermediates, anyone can use this product. It can even prove to be ideal for advanced athletes who follow rough fitness regimes. Despite the versatile weights, you will have a good grip on the kettlebell allowing it to be fully under your control.

It is suitable to perform any regular kettlebell exercise like shoulder presses, squats, goblet, lunges, snatches, overt head triceps extensions, rows etc. The more-advanced s can use them for more challenging workout techniques while using the wide range of weights available.

What’s included?

The Titan Fitness 10-40 lbs. Adjustable Kettlebell comes with 6 different weights and allows you to save your time, money, and space. It is silver in color, made from cast iron and has a powder-coated finishing.

Given its decent price, the different weights are ideal for multiple users or for people who want to follow distinct exercise routines.

Overview of features

The Titan Fitness Kettlebell comes with cast iron plates and supports a flat base which ensures easy storage. The six adjustable weights not only make it a fit for all kind of users, but also proves to be economical. They let you perform a number of exercises while relying on a single tool. The weight settings range from 5 to 40 lbs., with each removable plate being 5 lbs. in each setting.

The mechanism to follow to adjust different weights is also very smooth and convenient. To change the weight, all you need to do is to push or twist the lock, which is quite secure; you can easily change the weights rather quickly once you know how the system works. Add or remove weights till you get the desired weight for your workout.

The width of the handle is 1.5”, which makes it easy to grip while working out. When it comes to finishing, the powder coating is set to last for a long period of time irrespective of the kind of use you put this kettlebell to.

However, some customers weren’t happy with the durability of the product and complained that the handle broke after a few uses. You might also feel that there is a certain inaccuracy in the weights and this especially affects the specialists who follow intense workout regime.

How to use it

There is no denying that this kettlebell has a very simple usage and anyone from a beginner to a pro fitness expert can easily use it.

Here is a video which shows you how to change the weights and lock them into position so that they are ready to use in your workout.


There are a number of kettlebells available on the market and all of them are strong competition to each other. Even with the Titan Fitness Kettlebell, there are a few shortcomings so you can find a number of alternatives in the market if it doesn’t suit you. These alternatives include:

  • Kettlebell Kings: Coming very close to Titan Fitness but higher in both durability and price
  • CFF K2: Offers superior grip and a matte finish
  • Rocketlok Adjustable – consistent balance at all weight levels
  • Gold’s Gym Extreme Adjustable Kettlebell: Great quality for a reasonable price


In summation, the Titan Fitness 10-40 lbs. Adjustable Kettlebell is exceptional because of the wide variety of weights supported by it, which can be adjusted for individual use. It can be used by all levels of users and has a simple plate change mechanism. It doesn’t have the same quality which higher priced kettlebells possess, but it still carries enough value for your money.

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